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$ 15.00
Our custom in house version. Tied on a 200R hook. It works well. PRICED PER DOZEN
$ 48.00
Let's face it, there are A LOT of fly patterns out there today.  There are guide proven and time tested patterns and then there are the 'bling' patterns.  Patterns that look better in your box than actually catch fish.  Why not cut to the chase and let our expert staff pick...
$ 7.95
A common midge larva to have in the box, the black beauty is a great go to pattern for here on the Bighorn.  Sold as 3 pack
$ 2.95
Bighorn Angler Guide Bryen Venema developed this 'pregnant' Scud and is a very effective pattern during late Spring on the Bighorn.
$ 7.95
This buggy scud pattern has become one of our favorites the past couple years. Sold as 3 pack
$ 2.95
This Sowbug is a favorite of many guides on the Bighorn for the Spring months.
$ 2.95
This little Midge has all sorts of stuff going on.  A great pattern for the Midge and Baetis Springtime hatches.
$ 2.95
A great midge larva pattern to have in the fly box for anytime of the year. Sizes are available in both 18 and 20.
$ 2.95
Think of this as an 'Improved' Ray Charles.  With the addition of UV Ice Dub, this has what our fish like!
Out of stock
This Ray Charles inspired Sowbug has become one of our favorites this past season.
$ 2.95
The fire bead series of soft hackles has become a popular attractor bug during the Spring and early Summer on the Bighorn
$ 2.95
Similar to the OG Wire worm, this bug is tied on a specially curved hook and features 2 tone wire to drop it down through the water column.
Quick look
$ 2.95
A top nymph when Baetis nymphs are emerging to the surface.
$ 2.95
A custom tied midge pupa by our local buddy John Wood.  This one kills em'!
Out of stock
Specially designed for summer months and Black Caddis on the Bighorn.


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